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Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotary Sprinklers - Radius 23' to 35' (7,0 m to 10,7 m)

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5004+PC-SAM-RSS Model with Stainless Steel Riser and 12 nozzles - 4" Pop-Up (10 cm)(RBR-5004-SAM-PRS-SS) x 33.75$ Out of Stock

Premium Stainless Steel Rotor Sprinklers

Spray distance from 18 to 50 feet

We build our 5004 Plus SAM PRS SS Series rotor sprinklers for long life, quiet operation and maximum design flexibility. The protected closed-case design makes these sprinklers ideal for “creeping” grasses, sandy soil and other harsh surroundings.

Water lubricated gear-driven operation is quiet and maintenance free. The many safeguards and trouble-free features built into our closed-case rotor sprinklers make them the perfect choice for any home landscape.


  • Rain Curtain Nozzle Technology—Rain Curtain Nozzles standard on all 5000 Series Rotors. Large water droplets for greater wind resistance.
  • Rubber Cover—Keeps the dirt out of adjustment components.
  • Lubricated Gear Assembly— For years of reliable use.
  • Precision Reversing Mechanism— Provides years of smooth non-delayed forward and reverse rotation.
  • Adjustable—Key adjusts arc from 40 to 360 degrees, and radius can be reduced up to 25 percent.
  • Stainless steel riser helps deter vandalism on public turf areas.
  • Slip clutch mechanism for quick adjustment on installation.
  • Faster maintenance with a new self-cleaning arc adjustment screw.
  • Top-adjust arc adjustment requiring only a flathead screwdriver.
  • Heavy-duty retract spring assures positive pop-down.
  • Seal-A-Matic (SAM) check valve holds up to 7 feet (2.1m) of elevation change to prevent puddling and erosion caused by low head drainage.
  • In-stem pressure regulator (PRS) reduces operating pressure to 45 psi (3,1 bar) for optimal nozzle performance.
  • The 5000 Plus features a flow shut-off device to stop the flow of water to a particular head while the system is still in operation.


  • Radius: 22' to 50’ (6.7 to 15.2 m)
  • Radius may be reduced up to 25% with radius reduction screw
  • Pressure 25-65 psi (1.7 to 4.5 Bars)
  • Flow rate: 0.7 to 9.6 GPM (3,0 à 36,6 l/m)


  • 3/4" FNPT bottom inlet
  • Four low angle nozzles (angle of trajectory 10°)
  • Eight standard angle nozzles (angle of trajectory 25°)


  • Overall Height: 7-3/8" (18,5 cm)
  • Exposed surface diameter: 1-5/8" (4,1 cm)
  • Popup Height: 4" (10 cm)

Five-year trade warranty.

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